Franciscan Spirit Tours offers pilgrimages to some of the most beautiful and spiritually significant sites in the world. Our tours are inspired by the spirit of Sts. Francis and Clare of Assisi, who had great love for God, the world's beauty, and the companionship of others.

From 2002, we serve catholic brothers and sisters who share in common the interest and the curiosity to travel on a spiritual journey with like minded people united in faith. They are interested in the news, in travel, in cuisines, in appreciating art, they love books and are enthusiasts about home and garden decor.

We want to help build strong Catholics, by making it possible to visit places where our past holy brethren have been, to experience the belonging the Church community provides, share of the bread and to be side by side on this journey. The pilgrim can rediscover their identities in Christ, experience how the churches came to be in different cultures, see where Paul preached and lived in Greece, the ancient holy Temple area in Jerusalem, the Dead Sea where wonders happened, the burial places of St. Francis and St. Paul, the Vatican, the Calvary where Jesus was crucified, Notre Dame (the heart of Catholicism in France), Fatima (where the Three Secrets were revealed and to learn how nuns and monks lived and contemplate the works of their hands, for example.

The pilgrim can enjoy a balance of structured, group tours activities and free time, allowing each pilgrim the opportunity to make the most of the holy and historic places we visit. Franciscan Spirit Tours handles all travel arrangements, logistics and details of the trip so that our pilgrims are free to focus on the deeper purpose of the experience: their journey closer to God, to themselves, and to others.

All Franciscan Spirit Tours pilgrimages packages include round-trip airfare (usually from New York City), comfortable accommodations in superior tourist hotels (or, on occasion, in friaries, convents or monasteries), breakfast and dinner, ground transportation in air-conditioned coaches or cars, guided tours of shrines and historic sites, entrance fees to all sites and events scheduled on the tours, and a dedicated Tour Coordinator* and Spiritual Director who will travel with the group at all times.

Our Spiritual Directors are roman catholic Franciscan priests who will celebrate Mass every day and make themselves available to our brothers and sisters on an individual basis anytime throughout the journey for spiritual direction, and sacramental reconciliation.

We hope you will accept God's invitation to journey toward a refreshed spirit and a renewed soul and that we, at Franciscan Spirit Tours, can help you on that path.

*For smaller groups, the Spiritual Director often serves a dual role as Tour Coordinator as well.