I truly felt like a pilgrim and not just a sightseer. I would enjoy taking another journey with John and Father Michael.
— Tom Daus
Thank you for working so hard too make this trip an unforgettable experience.
— Thais Aspanelly
For the efforts of fulfilling my dream to attend the canonization cerimony
An ever so grateful thank you for such a fine pilgrimage
— Reverend Gerardo Ramirez
I travelled a lot but I must say that this trip was really memorable. That is due to your choice of hotel in Lourdes, which we thought was just beautiful and everything we were looking for in a French hotel.
The highlight of our trip was the Convent at Sacre Coeur. I will never get over that experience. To see the way the nuns lived their daily lives and sang in the cathedral was a very moving experience.
— Barbara Nardelli and Joanne Meyer