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Day 1 We depart JFK / Newark for Buenos Aires

Day 2 We arrive in Buenos Aires in time for a panoramic tour of the city, with stops at Lezama Park and Tres de Febrero Park, the Plaza de Mayo, Plaza San Martin, and Plaza Congreso and the artistic neighborhoods of San Telmo and La Boca

Day 3  Our pilgrimage begins in Flores, where Pope Francis was born and spent his childhood. We will see his baptismal church, Our Lady of Mercy, and his primary school , St. Joseph’s,. where Pope Francis attributes his early calling to the priesthood.

Day 4 Making our way to Rosario, we stop at the Marian shrine and church of San Nicolas where an uneducated, non-Christian, local housewife received daily visions from Mary for six years and 68 messages from Jesus. We will attend a healing Masss where many documented instances of healing have taken place before returning to Buenos Aires. 

Day 5  Making our way through the barrios where Pope Francis aided and advocated for the poor, we visit the Church of the Immigrant. Father Juan, Pope Francis’ former secretary, will discuss with us Pope Francis’ approach to social programs when he was the Cardinal/Archbishop of Buenos Aires. We will also take the public transportation route Pope Francis used and where he said Mass regularly

Day 6  Starting at Lujan Cathedral, commemorating Argentina’s patrón saint, the Virgin of Lujan, we learn of the greater than six million pilgrims who visit the site annually for reconciliation and blessings. We will meet and eat with the Benedictine monks of the Cono-Sur Congregation and visit their store where they sell books they publish and agricultural products they produce as a means of supporting themselves

Day 7 Our last day begins at the City Cathedral, the seat of the Archdiocese of Buenos Aires, where Pope Francis was the archbishop. Close by is Pope Francis’ former one-bedroom apartment  he chose in favor of the archbishop’s palace. We continue to the “Casa Rosada,” home to Argentina’s president , to learn more of the political history of Argentina and end the day with some free time for last-minute shopping in the late afternoon.

Day 8 Depart Buenos Aires for JFK / Newark

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